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The intimate photograph is collaboration between model and photographer. A relationship built on trust and acceptance allowing one another to create a more connected image.

“It's not about the flesh. It is about the embodiment of it.

Jody Frost and Christian Peacock want to guide you through the experience on how to create an intimate photograph by going beyond the expectant image of body and skin, to achieve a more honest photograph of the emotional intent. They will demonstrate how to create situations and environment where people feel safe to relate, connect and exchange.

This intimate two day workshop will allow the attendees ample time with their models to go beyond their creative safe places and attempt to shoot in a more emotive manner.


Friday night will be a meet and greet with everyone involved over a nice welcome dinner at the location. Share images and idea.

Saturday will be an all day workshop taking photographs with two different models rotating among the talent and scenarios at the quaint Bodega Bay cottage.

Sunday morning will be a critique of the shoot.


May 1st. - May 3rd. 2015

Bodega Bay, California

Costs $800.00 Includes models fees, welcome meal, lunch and craft. Without lodging.

Suggested Accommodations.

Bodega Bay Lodge $250.00 - $350.00 per night

The Inn at the Tides $220.00-$240.00 per night

Bodega Bay Inn $190.00 per night

Bodega Harbor Inn $100.00- $158.00 per night

What to expect

This workshop is led by two creative and intuitive photographers and is designed for experienced shooters who are interested in evolving their skills with photographing models. All participants must bring a digital SLR, digital device or mirrorless camera, a laptop computer, and software for organizing and presenting images. The workshop is limited to 5 participants.

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Jody Frost

Jody brings her years as a model and a photographer to this workshop. Working both sides of the lens gives her unique advantages. As a model, she is sensitive to the concerns other models might have and can help put them at ease or strike poses quickly and efficiently for a model to duplicate should she feel uncertain. She also establishes a connection with her subjects, and equality so that they feel invited in as essential collaborators in the creative of process. As a photographer, she uses her knowledge and intuition to guide a photo shoot along, understanding light and the environment and how to use it to the best advantages.

As instructor, she can help you discover ways to use locations and props with your model to tell your story and bring to life the images you desire to create.


Christian Peacock

Christian’s lifetime involvement, as a photographer has allowed him to experience almost every possible photographic scenario. His ability to make people feel safe in front of the camera has earned him a national reputation as a photographer who creates authentic and honest images. He has been asked to teach workshops, keynote addresses and moderate industry events. He recently started teaching at the Academy of Art University fine art photography classes. This workshop he will help guide the students on how to relate with models in order to achieve a more honest image, something beyond the mere presentation of form.


Photo by Christian Peacock

Photo by Christian Peacock

Photo by Jody Frost

Photo by Jody Frost

Photo by Christian Peacock

Photo by Christian Peacock

Jody and Christian in Venice

Jody and Christian in Venice