Work That Make a Difference

Last year I did a multi-media video on a Tuareg silversmith named Elhadji Koumama. The video was made for two reasons, I have been involve with Elhadji and his community of artisans and wanted to help tell his story to a wider audience, second I wanted to try my hand at producing multimedia.

I felt if I am going to put the effort into producing a video, it better have a purpose! The results from this project have been fantastic. Canoe magazine from Africa picked up the story and ran a feature and National Geographic just launched a page on its retail store site, with a link to view the movie.

This just helps reconfirm my belief that if one feels strongly about an idea then the commitment of time and resources into a project will eventfully be worth it. For Elhadji and his fellow artisans, it is the support from people from all around the world. For me is the knowledge of knowing that my work matters and can make a difference.

Link to Canoe Africa