Do What You Love and The Money Will Follow

I will be speaking May 10th before the NCPP
Northern California Professional Photographers group

at the Marriott Hotel
2355 North Main Street
Walnut Creek, CA in the Sacramento Room lower level.

6:15-7:00 Social Hour
7:00-9:00 Speaking Event

Below is the upcoming announcement by the NCPP. I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Do What You Love and The Money Will Follow

Our speaker for May 2011 is Christian Peacock, a commercial photographer and renowned lecturer on the subject of photography and how it influences our lives as professionals. Christian will explain to us why he takes photographs, and how his love of photography projects onto his clients. His enthusiasm and energy translates into sales.

“This is which we do”. Christian adopted this expression to explain to people why he takes photographs. “It’s something I have to do - It’s in my DNA.” He captures the human spirit using his camera. His lifelong relationship with photography is compelled by his curiosity to observe and participate.

From his very first photograph at the age of five to a very prolific creative burst of energy today, Christian will talk about the influence photography has on everyone. Using examples of his lifework, he will share commonalities we all have with this medium. Showing examples of his commissioned work from worldwide branding campaigns, as well as personal images, he will explain how the images all have some connection to our lives. He uses all forms of image capture ranging from 4”x5” cameras to iPhones and multi-media to video to achieve his vision and tell the story.

Christian will inspire us with his positive message of “Do what you love and the money will follow.” The enthusiasm in which we approach our photographic endeavors will carry over to our clients, resulting in more income.

Don’t miss this engaging speaker on May 10!