Back Stage with Saraghina

Capturing the spirit of Fellini was a team effort, which started with a suggestion from Martha Blanchfield of RenegadePR. From there I have shot a number of 1960’s inspired film icons. One of the first projects was a tribute to Federico Fellini characters and vision. Instead of a single image I shot a series of images to tell stories. Here is the oldest story of all – love. How men are fools when in the company of a woman that is more than he can handle. Click on any of the images, and they will take you to my webpage that displays the stories.

I could not have done this project without the fantastic help and contributions of some truly talented and amazing people. There is no one more perfectly cast as the role of Saraghina than Jane Schafgans. Her fabulous hair and outgoing personality was a match made in heaven. My good friend David Weiner as the clown. A role he was destining to play.

Veronica Sjoen from Artist Untied did such an inspired makeup job with her clown face and Saraghina radiance of hair and face. While Heather Sansky, also with Artist Untied, styled the talent with spot on wardrobe and meticulous details. A big thank you has to go to Jon Lucca at Artist Untied for his support and encouragement throughout this project.

And my very good friend Jody Frost for capturing the spirit of the shoot.