Nothing Beats the Real Thing

Last week I was in New York City for the national APA board meeting. One of the main reasons for flying out to the East coast is so everybody gets to meet one another in person. What a difference in relationships it makes when you actually meet a person in the flesh. You can experience their mannerisms, charm and other natural charter traits, that one cannot sense over the telephone of keyboard.

This morning I saw a video that had a short interview with Carlein van der Beek. What a revelation to see her speak and gesture. She became a real person to me at that moment. Something more than a fellow artist who works in the same medium. I knew her work. I have read her text, but all that added up to an impression that has been crafted for me by Carlein. Seeing her live, gave me the opportunity, to experience her in a more organic form. Yes it was a video interview, not as good as being there in person, but a step in the right direction, which made Carlein more real to me.

The attached photo is an excellent example of that great energy that happens when people get together. This was an unplanned event. Eight APA board members jammed into a small elevator. Theresa Raffetto took a fast grab shot with her camera. That one shot captured the spirit and comradeship of people being together. Nothing beats the real thing.