Friendship and Cindy Merrill

One of the benefits of living a full and rich life is having long time friends. Cindy and I haven’t seen one another in about ten years. To reconnect a friendship is a treasure that only comes with folks who have lived a life. It was a real treat to met up again. We collaborated on a number of very memorable photo shoots in the past when Cindy was a hair & makeup artist. Now she has started a new business venture called Cindy O’Brien Aesthetics a full service skin care studio in Napa. Plus a new product line of anti aging serum called “The Bomb” She is still very much involve in helping woman achieve their own beauty.

Here are some photos of Cindy just the other day. The biggest difference this time is she is now in front of the camera as oppose to standing behind it. It's really wonderful to see her in all her glory as a beautiful woman. We met up at a fund raiser for the Napa Valley Symphony. There was a fashion show in which Cindy was a model for. Here is a shot of Cindy standing on the runway just about to do her strut. It was so much fun to she her work it.

Here is one of our more memorable photos that she helped me on back when she was doing hair and makeup. Even back then Cindy had a touch of grace and elegance that help each photo transcend the accustomed.

A very nice shot of the two of us. Good friends.