Forbes Magazine Cover Shoot

I was fortunate to be asked by Forbes magazine to shoot the August cover story on Kevin Systrom, founder of Instagram. This was a particularly fun assignment because I was able to use the Hasselblad h4d with an Imacon back that produces 180mb files when processed, plus my trusty Nikon d3s and my iPhone. Getting to use what is the appropriate camera system for the shot is something I have championed for some time.

Kevin helped me app some of the Instagram photos. Who else would know how the final look would be on a shot but the man who wrote the code. The most important thing I came away with from this shoot was hearing Kevin say that Instagram was designed to be a social networking tool and that the photography aspect came afterwards and all the filters are a byproduct of something he love to do. He loves that old fashion retro look that one can get from toy cameras. He basically designed something he liked and everybody followed suit.

 Inside spread working the Instagram thang.
 Kevin Systrom, me and cofounder Mike Krieger posing for an Instagram shot