What it takes for a family to survive.

Family food insecurity has become a more appropriate term than just saying hunger. Families can live in the heart of downtown Oakland yet still be in a food desert. With no fixed address and finding shelter in an abandoned store front, this Russian immigrant family needs to take advantage of any opportunity that comes their way. There is no electricity in the store front so they run an extension cord to a neighboring live hook up. With this limited supply of power there is no refrigeration. They have to make a choice to have either a single light source switched on or run the microwave oven. Most of the light comes in through the store front window that has a white sheet that is half way pulled down. For privacy reasons they do not expose themselves to the street traffic right out their front door. With no way to keep food in their home they need to eat meals that are prepared and served hot from the community dinning rooms. As for showers, they are able to take advantage of the community swimming pool program for their daughter. When she swims, the whole family will attend and take care of their personal hygiene.